About Us


 What’s up, my name is Phil and that's my beautiful wife Claire. I’m the founder of Redemption in Motion and I’m so pumped that you’re here!

This journey began in August 2018 and has continued to evolve and change in a short amount of time and we hope that it will continue to do so. Our main goal with RIM is to spread hope by sharing stories and creating designs inspired by those individuals who are willing to share with us.

I’ve always felt a connection to story telling and the power of someone’s personal testimony about how God has moved in their life. It evokes a sense of connection between the story teller and the listener and it uniquely offers encouragement and hope to those listening.

After hearing the stories, we want people to get a shirt with the unique design on it in order for them to do two things:

  1. Share the story behind that design with other people.
  2. Share their own story with the other people. 

In addition to selling awesome shirts, we want to donate 25% of the profits to different local organizations that help specific groups of people including those battling homelessness, addictions and human trafficking.

There is so much power in a story. It can bring healing and hope to those who need it most.

We’d love to sit down and listen to your story and hear about how God has given you hope.

Our prayer is that RIM will continue to grow spiritually, develop creatively and bring hope to anyone who sees our apparel.

We hope you will join us on this journey!